Contract with Glynco Pet Sitters

Typical Month as a Pet Sitter

Pick 2 weekends you can commit to being available mornings 7-9am, midday 11-1pm, afternoon 3-5pm, and night 7-9pm (sometimes overnights are available as well from 9pm-7am). 

Clients are assigned to you based on your experience, location & availability. When one of your assigned clients requests services, you are invited to commit to their request. 

Please commit to their entire request. If they put in a request for a sitter from a Wednesday through the following Sunday, we expect  the assigned sitter to handle the entirety of that particular booking. 

Consistency is key for the client's peace of mind, and care of pets. Bonus, if there is a tip, you get to keep the entire thing on top of your regular fee. 

If an emergency arises, a back up sitter will be assigned. 

Once you are requested you can confirm on your calendar and commit to the visit by responding in a timely fashion. When you cannot commit to a sit, we move to the next sitter on the list. 

Once you commit, you are committed. You can add more clients and are not locked into servicing just one, according to your preference. Or, you can choose to decline additional clients if you only prefer to handle one sit at a time. 

It's your choice based on your availability, and the desired amount of money you wish to make pet sitting. 

Typical Visit

At each visit you will perform the Big 5: Home and the Big 5: Pet for each pet! 

Big 5: Home

Big 5: Pets

How much money can I make? 

The amount of money you make is based on your availability, and client demand. The more client reservations you accept, and provide excellent care for, the more you move us as a primary sitter. 

Sitters are paid per visit depending on the service the client has selected. 

Holiday pay is also available in the form of $5 additional for each visit on and around holidays. Be available on holidays and you will make some great additional money.

Glynco Pet Sitter PROs job description